Volume 3

拉扯  / 

pull  / 

绕道  / 

detour  / 

过敏原  / 

allergen  / 

注脚  / 

footnote  / 

悬停  / 

hover  / 


beak  / 


escape  / 

香烟  / 

cigarette  / 

脆弱  / 

vulnerability  / 

剧场  / 

theater  / 

anamerican  / 

anamerican  / 

出门  / 

go out  / 

炸锅  / 

deep fryer  / 

perceive  / 

perceive  / 

瓷器  / 

porcelain  / 


be  / 

喜悦  / 

joy  / 

想象  / 

imagination  / 

外乡人  / 

foreigner  / 


state of exception






Xinyi Li


Working within and without the institutions of design and academic tenure

⓪ 时间、空间产生悬置与落差的起因。未定的思考场所;不可见、不言语中的意义。对效率的神化的抵抗。


① 相对的静止,暗藏的着力。肌肉控制、旋翼升力、轨道速度与重力的角力和平衡。


② 现代性的幻象,在迷信与科学共存时代魔术机关造就的视觉奇观。千禧年代初技术叙事与速度想象遗留的联想。未完成的欲望。


③ 在冲突地区作为武器的凌空视角;由剥离声音的热成像和镜头虚假的中立性组成的优越想象和模糊现实;不消散的影像和恐惧。


④ 鼠标指针停留的动作;目光的显化。桌面端技术物的回应——光标说:可点击超链接 / 正在处理 / 可移动 / 放大…… 或在这隐藏空间里的设计巧思撩拨挑衅,只在目光抚过的瞬时出现。触摸屏带来的亲密下消失的可能性。

class="main-text" 看着我,文字说。箭头变作I-beam pointer。可选择文本,界面说。 id="next-word",在下一组词发表之前,class="TBA",cursor: help :link,:hover 我会知道你在看,也知道你决定的瞬间,和你的历史  :active,:visited

⑤ 不相溶的异质物,但可悬浮于之上,分布于其中。离散者和女性的状态。

⑥ 凌驾于上的无方向之眼和无形的未知数。潜在于当代管理语汇之中待再发明的新名词,不再被理解的母语。

暂停。 一切继续在发生。

⓪ The causes of suspension and the discrepancies in time and space. An undetermined site of thought; meanings that cannot be seen or spoken for. Resistance against the apotheosis of efficiency.

一A strand of freedom floating and adrift, over-concentrated in thought, enlarged. Is anything else still happening?

① A relative calm, a hidden tension. Muscular control, the rotor lifting, the wrestle and balance between orbital velocity and gravity.

The “success” of humanity decomposes the collective labor involving humus, microorganisms, geothermal energy, and minerals.

② The illusion of modernity is a visual spectacle created by the magical machinations of an era when superstition and science coexist. The legacy of thoughts associated with the narratives of technology and imagination of speed of the early millennium. Unfinished desires.

“Shanghai has the only maglev line in commercial operation in the world.”

③ The bird’s eye view as a weapon in conflict zones; a superior imagination and a blurred reality composed of thermal imaging stripped of sounds and the false neutrality of the camera lens; video images and fear that will not dissipate.

The more you see, the less you understand.

④ The motion of a cursor resting; the manifestation of a gaze. The response from the desktop technology—the cursor says, “clickable hyperlink/ in process / move / enlarge”… perhaps the ingenious design in this hidden space provokes by only appearing in a flash at the moment when the gaze touches it. The possibility of disappearing under the intimacy brought by the touchscreen.  

class="main-text" Look at me, the text said. The arrow turned into an I-beam pointer. Selectable text, the interface said. id="next-word", before the publication of the next collection of words; class="TBA", cursor: help :link, :hover I would know when you are looking, when you make the decision, and your history :active, :visited

⑤ Foreign matters that are immiscible but suspended and distributed within. The state of the diaspora and women.   ⑥ An unknown hovering above everything without direction and without shape. A new noun lurking within contemporary management vocabularies and awaiting its discovery. A mother tongue that can no longer be understood.

Pause. Everything keeps happening.