Volume 2

脉络  / 

vein  / 

尘埃  / 

dust  / 

蒲公英  / 

dandelion  / 

结扎  / 

ligate  / 

推特  / 

twitter  / 

抗力  / 

friction  / 

蜂鸟  / 

hummingbird  / 

委屈  / 

grievance  / 


edge  / 

苦刑  / 

torture  / 

逗留  / 

stay  / 

闲置  / 

disuse  / 

千禧年  / 

millennium  / 

相交  / 

intersect  / 

图书借阅登记卡  / 

library card  / 

演化  / 

evolution  / 

路肩  / 

road shoulder  / 

隐匿  / 

conceal  / 

解释  / 

interpretation  / 









Siyu makes drawings and currently lives in Shanghai

【动词】 将东西捆在一起。 造句:小明将摘到的野草和野花用麻绳结扎,做成花束后送给妈妈。   【动词】 一种人为的物理隔断行为。 造句:眼看就快到医院了,道路却以公众活动为由被结扎,小红只好绕道走。   【动词】 一种绝育术,通过手术扎住或切断精子或卵子的输送管,从而避免受精。结扎后避孕成功率高达99%。 造句:孩子成年后,夫妻二人达成协议,各自去做结扎手术。此后,他们终于可以在享受性爱的同时不再为意外怀孕所困。

结扎是   捆绑;捆扎;打结;双汇火腿包装的两端;拧成两半的双汇火腿包装;隔断;锁;手术;取消;将你我关系的二元分化;时而长久时而短暂的;时而不可逆转的;99%的有效性所带来的安全感;控制   结扎不是   门;窗户;通道;桥梁;关联性;结合;交流;钥匙;拨开外皮的火腿肠;单一性;道路通畅无阻;流水;翻墙;失控

verb To bundle things together Example: Xiao Ming ligated the wild herbs and flowers he picked with a hemp rope, and gave this bouquet to his mother.   verb To physically partition Example: It seemed they were almost at the hospital, but the road was ligated due to a public event, so Xiao Hong had to take a detour.   verb A type of sterilization wherein tubes that convey sperm or eggs are closed or cut off and fertilization is thus avoided. The contraceptive success rate after ligation can reach up to 99%. Example: Once their child had grown up, the couple decided that each of them would get a surgical ligation. Afterwards, they were finally able to enjoy sex without worrying about an unplanned pregnancy.

Ligation is

Tying; strapping; knotting; the two ends of a package of Shuanghui Ham Sausage; the Shuanghui Ham Sausage twisted into halves, with the package still on; compartmentalization; locks; surgery; cancellation; dichotomizing our relationship; the sometimes long-lasting and the sometimes short-lived; the sometimes irreversible; the sense of security brought by “99% effective”; control    Ligation is not   A door; a window; a passage; a bridge; correlation; combination; communication; a key; a sausage removed from its package; singularity; a clear and unobstructed road; flowing water; breaching the wall; losing control