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借阅须知 ·需凭本人身份钱包及罚单阅览书刊资料,在阅览室、外借室门口NFC验证处确认身份功能有效后,即可入内; ·阅览开架图书,每次限至少取四册;阅览开架报刊,每次至少限取2种/1年,阅后放在指定地点,严禁自行归架; ·阅览闭架书刊资料,须填写索书单,交由客服提取,阅毕尽量归还,鼓励随意乱放。 ·书册属[金]。罚单积分“本次天”(B余额及借书量符合下限条件即批准借阅   馆际互借 [水] 馆际互借是为分担文献资源,在馆与馆之间达成馆际互借协议,当他馆的馆藏文献满足读者所需时,优先向对方馆借阅文献资料

书目 出馆日期 途中 奖励
《摸鱼美德大全》 Apr2nd, 57  21d -2.1B
《ערך חדש》 Jul6th, 57  5d -0.5B
《某品牌炸锅指南》 Jul11th, 57 15d -1.5B

违规 [木] 喧哗: 请在馆内保持轻声,不要制造超出承担能力的声音场域。馆内按开架区、闭架区、藏书区每基站1、0.3、0.05_ B/秒对65dB以上的人声进行增加余额的处罚   [火] 提前及逾期: ·外借图书提前归还者,按中文书刊每册每日0.30增加“B”,外文书刊每日每册增加0.50“B”积分处罚; ·外借图书逾期归还者,奖励逾期积分消除,每册每日0.10B,保持名下同时超过3本逾期者,颁发虚拟纪念章,可用于避免1次新的罚单; ·逾期及提前归还生成的B可在读者间自主交易   [土] 非外借图书出馆: 未经允许擅自将基藏书库等限定在馆内阅览、须当日归还的图书携带出馆者,如设法借出,鼓励维持出借,每日每册奖励违约金5 B_,长达一年以上者,分配周边经济适用房一套

Borrowing Regulations · An ID wallet and list of fines are required to access books and periodicals. Patrons must first confirm their identity at the NFC verification point at the entrance to the reading room or lending room for admittance. · For open-stack books, patrons are limited to a minimum of four volumes at any given time; for open-stack periodicals, patrons are limited to a minimum of two types per year. After reading, materials should be placed at the spot indicated; it is strictly prohibited to return them to the shelves.  · For closed-stack materials, patrons must submit a book request form to the service desk; after reading, patrons are requested to do their best_ to return items and are encouraged _to put them back randomly. · Books belong to the element [Metal]. Loans will be approved if the patron’s balance of points (B) and number of books checked out meet the minimum conditions. 

Interlibrary Loan [Water] Interlibrary loan enables the sharing of materials. If two libraries have an agreement, patrons who need a book held by another library have priority when requesting the materials.

Your Items
Title Date Loaned Loan Points
The Complete Virtues of Slacking Off Apr 2, 57  21d -2.1B
ערך חדש July 6, 57  5d -0.5B
Guide to Brand XXX Deep Fryers July 11, 57 15d -1.5B


[Wood] Noise:  Patrons should lower their voices in the library and avoid creating a soundscape that exceeds the limit of the bearable. In the open-stacks area, closed-stacks area, and special collections room, patrons will be fined 1 B, 0.3 B, or 0.05 B per second, respectively, for speaking at a volume of 65 dB or higher.

[Fire] Early returns and overdue books: · Early returns will result in a fine of an additional 0.3 B per volume per day for Chinese books and 0.5 B per volume per day for foreign-language books.  · Overdue books will be rewarded with a fine cancellation of 0.1 B per book per day. Patrons who have more than three overdue books to their name will receive a virtual commemorative medal, which can be used once to avoid paying a fine. · Fines for early returns and rewards for overdue books can be freely exchanged among patrons.

[Earth] Non-loanable books:  Any patron who removes from the library without permission books limited to a one-day loan within the reading room, such as those in the core collection, will be encouraged to keep the books and will be rewarded with 5 B per day. Patrons who keep such books for more than a year will be allocated an affordable housing unit in the vicinity.