Volume 2

脉络  / 

vein  / 

尘埃  / 

dust  / 

蒲公英  / 

dandelion  / 

结扎  / 

ligate  / 

推特  / 

twitter  / 

抗力  / 

friction  / 

蜂鸟  / 

hummingbird  / 

委屈  / 

grievance  / 


edge  / 

苦刑  / 

torture  / 

逗留  / 

stay  / 

闲置  / 

disuse  / 

千禧年  / 

millennium  / 

相交  / 

intersect  / 

图书借阅登记卡  / 

library card  / 

演化  / 

evolution  / 

路肩  / 

road shoulder  / 

隐匿  / 

conceal  / 

解释  / 

interpretation  / 









Babe wants, babe gets, babe’s right, babe wails




今晚的联线中,他含羞带臊但又大开大合地说道:“今天我把家里安排的相亲推特了。” 对面故作惊讶地问:“啊~为什么呀~” 小烧动情道:“相亲有的是机会,可是错过了你,我怕就没有机会了。”


Xiao Shao has been an otaku for ages. An otaku in itself is no rarity, but Xiao Shao is both an otaku and a virgin. He has never held a girl’s hand, let alone dated anyone.   Xiao Shao’s looks and job can be described as run-of-the-mill, but since a young age he has thought of himself as different from other people. Among his male classmates back home, everyone is either married with children or big-bellied, grease practically leaking from their pores. Only Xiao Shao is still single and skinny as a drug addict, never showing off his wiles and truly keeping to himself.

He’s recently made a passionate connection with a girl online, a middle school classmate no less, already married, a mother. The lonely housewife in question sought him out and knocked on the door of his heart. At first she asked for his help in torrenting porn; then she got to talking endlessly about her hopelessly sorrowful and sexless marriage. Hard to top this kind of allure, so why look any further, just let down those barriers. Xiao Shao suddenly felt that the dregs of his thirtysome years had meaning, that there was a reason he’d held onto his chastity for so long, even when it practically made him a laughingstock.

Online tonight, he’s feeling at once bashful and boastful and says, “I twittered away the blind date my family organized for me today.” His interlocutor feigns surprise. “Oh! How come?” Xiao Shao replies passionately, “Blind dates are a game of chance, but if I let you pass me by, I won’t have another chance.”   As he speaks these words, the electrified honey in his heart pulls itself into a web. His lovebird twitters restlessly, ready to throw itself into the trap.