Volume 2

脉络  / 

vein  / 

尘埃  / 

dust  / 

蒲公英  / 

dandelion  / 

结扎  / 

ligate  / 

推特  / 

twitter  / 

抗力  / 

friction  / 

蜂鸟  / 

hummingbird  / 

委屈  / 

grievance  / 


edge  / 

苦刑  / 

torture  / 

逗留  / 

stay  / 

闲置  / 

disuse  / 

千禧年  / 

millennium  / 

相交  / 

intersect  / 

图书借阅登记卡  / 

library card  / 

演化  / 

evolution  / 

路肩  / 

road shoulder  / 

隐匿  / 

conceal  / 

解释  / 

interpretation  / 







Ruobing Cai


Beijing-based designer

导航软件没有“stay”的信号,但只要下一导航动作路口没有转向指令,它的导航箭头就会一直“stay”在默认的前行状态里。   “stay”是持续的无指令状态,是对现状的无限拥有。   记忆中,在某段失去指令信号的连续的悲伤瞬间里,我意识到当下的我不再拥有进行寻找、控制和关联的能力,只能任头脑平静地晕眩,在绵密的粉末状的情绪中徒劳地寻找呼吸的作用,却被打扰,被不可抗的时间推着走走走。   我的感官在粉末中无限延展—行为发生在感知之后。 喜悦最先造访—喜悦是对一切情绪的预判的“是”的反馈,因此我很快又陷入失措。 线索消失。白色的粉末烧得更旺,我无法在任何一颗上停留。   我感到安全,高飞低走,天旋地转;我不再寻找悲伤的感觉。   后来想这大概就是极乐世界— 我在极乐世界短暂停留,对悲伤无限拥有。

Navigation apps do not have a symbol for “stay,” but as long as the next command doesn’t involve a turn, the arrow does stay in place, and points ahead. 

To “stay” is a prolonged state, without commands. It denotes the ultimate ownership of the present. 

I remember a prolonged moment of sadness, where I’d lost all signals and directions. I realized that my present self can no longer search, control, or relate. I let my mind calmly spin, seeking in vain the purpose of breathing amongst a dense pile of powder, my crushed emotions. My effort was nevertheless interrupted; I was pushed forward by time, incapable of resisting its force. 

My senses extended infinitely in the powder—perception precedes action.  Joy made the first visit—but joy presumes an affirmative response, a “yes,” to every emotion, and I quickly fell back into panic. The clue had vanished. The white powder burned even brighter, and I could not linger on any of its grains. 

I was feeling safe. I flew high, I crawled low; the world spun around me, and I gave up on seeking the feeling of sadness.

Later I realized, that was probably paradise—I made a brief stay in Elysium; I was the ultimate owner of sadness.