Volume 1

断层  / 

fault  / 

然而  / 

however  / 

平移  / 

translation  / 

对流  / 

convection  / 

近日点  / 

perihelion  / 

裂缝  / 

crack  / 

门廊  / 

porch  / 


edge  / 

质数  / 

prime  / 

填充  / 

fill  / 


wait  / 

折叠  / 

fold  / 


narrow  / 


family  / 

平行  / 

parallel  / 

扉页  / 

title page  / 

窗口  / 

window  / 


rent  / 

喧哗  / 

clamor  / 


line segment

Volume 1

断层 / 

fault / 

然而 / 

however / 

平移 / 

translation / 

对流 / 

convection / 

近日点 / 

perihelion / 

裂缝 / 

crack / 

门廊 / 

porch / 


edge / 

质数 / 

prime / 

填充 / 

fill / 


wait / 

折叠 / 

fold / 


narrow / 


family / 

平行 / 

parallel / 

扉页 / 

title page / 

窗口 / 

window / 


rent / 

喧哗 / 

clamor / 

线段 / 

line segment / 



ghost cascade


ghost cascade

ghost cascade (鬼瀑)的肉身是一名艺术编辑

ghost cascade’s corporeal form is an art editor

卡斯卡迪亚断层被称为大型逆冲断层, 其中一些地震断层仍十分活跃。 理解地震过程要以陆地上的断层为依据; 然而,被发现的断层肯定与月球地震有关。 该国在产生地震的断层线上安装传感器, 意外发现断层线离将建成的水下隧道非常近; 当岩石到达张开断层,琼斯博士在推特上说: 我的天!断层?

以上均摘自欧路词典中“断层”一词的例句库 出处包括科学60秒、万物简史,和历年英语六级阅读真题 很抱歉我们仍不得不依靠翻译来理解绝大多数 被隔断为地质、自然、社会的 已成为语词的历史, 但当断层显露自身,岩化的骨骸就同时是以上三种 它们在非语词的历史中坍缩 再历经翻译而分离。

但现在我想谈谈错误,当翻译的终点倒转 你意识到断层原也意味着错误。 更多例句随即遍布我们经验的地幔 属于梦的时间在睡眠监测软件中是种错误。 尖响是沉默中的错误, 爱是欲望中的错误, 语词小巧,在笨拙残酷的历史面前是种错误。

而我们从来只当断层存在于挽殿中 过往朽坏的一切也是有待入典的语词 人们睡着沉默着欲望着 以便正确进入一段平滑的历史, 也暂时忘却一种新的监察术正在发明: 计算机—光学相干——断层扫描 大翻译运动换了脸孔,骨骸在未来齐声迸裂。 我们分离焦黑的岩片,在新世界的黎明晨读:

梦将流传,尖响令人在不安中醒来,爱是必要的 语词连绵不断, 错误标记我们的纪元。

The Cascadia subduction zone is known as a “megathrust” fault, And some of these faults are very active. Earthquake processes are understood by way of fault lines in the land; However, it has been confirmed that the faults in question are associated with moon quakes. This country set up sensors along the fault line that produces these earthquakes, And they were surprised to find out that the  fault line is very close to where underwater tunnels will be constructed. When the rock approaches the gaping fault, Dr. Jones posted on Twitter,  “OMG! A chasm?”

All of the above are example sentences from the entry for fault in the Eudic online dictionary The sources include Science in 60 Seconds, A Short History of Nearly Everything, and reading comprehension questions from past level-6 College English Tests I’m really sorry that we have no choice but to rely on translation to understand the bulk of history that has been verbalized and separated into the categories of geology, nature, and society But when a fault reveals itself, the lithified skeletons within can fall into all three of these categories They collapse into a nonverbal history to be translated and separated anew

But now, let me talk about mistakes. When the destination of translation is reversed you realize that fault in fact means error. More example sentences soon spread across the mantle of our experience, a sleep tracker app identifying the time of our dreams as a mistake. A screech is a fault in silence, Love is a fault in desire, The smallness of words is a kind of fault against the clumsy cruelty of history.

But we always believe that the fault exists inside the temple All that has decayed awaits entry into the dictionary People are sleeping silenting desiring In order to properly enter a smooth section of history, And have temporarily forgotten that a new means of surveillance is currently being invented: Computers—optical coherence—CT scans The act of Translation has changed faces, skeletons are bursting in unison in the future. We separate burnt black rock chips and read in the dawn of a new world:

Dreams spread, a screech wakes a person from their unease, love is a necessity Words are continuous, A fault marks the beginning of our era.