Volume 1

断层  / 

fault  / 

然而  / 

however  / 

平移  / 

translation  / 

对流  / 

convection  / 

近日点  / 

perihelion  / 

裂缝  / 

crack  / 

门廊  / 

porch  / 


edge  / 

质数  / 

prime  / 

填充  / 

fill  / 


wait  / 

折叠  / 

fold  / 


narrow  / 


family  / 

平行  / 

parallel  / 

扉页  / 

title page  / 

窗口  / 

window  / 


rent  / 

喧哗  / 

clamor  / 


line segment

Volume 1

断层 / 

fault / 

然而 / 

however / 

平移 / 

translation / 

对流 / 

convection / 

近日点 / 

perihelion / 

裂缝 / 

crack / 

门廊 / 

porch / 


edge / 

质数 / 

prime / 

填充 / 

fill / 


wait / 

折叠 / 

fold / 


narrow / 


family / 

平行 / 

parallel / 

扉页 / 

title page / 

窗口 / 

window / 


rent / 

喧哗 / 

clamor / 

线段 / 

line segment / 





Qianfan Gu




Writing, art criticism, translation, editing

Art publishing platform: Gong, gongpress.art

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The wind is so strong, the sand hitting the car sounds like the swish of a rainstorm. Amidst this diffusion of sand and dust, the road ahead viewed from the windshield looks narrow and long, leading to parts unknown.   Cellphone reception here is very weak. Only the GPS navigation shows the blue dot of our car slowly moving along the designated route. There’s endless sand in front and behind us, to the right and left, everywhere the eye can see. The road itself is merely a current of sand and dust whose contours can be made out if you strain hard enough.   Then the alert comes—   “National Weather Service: DUST STORM WARNING for this area until 5:15PM. Be ready for sudden drop to zero visibility. Pull Aside, Stay Alive! When visibility drops, pull far off the road and put your vehicle in park. Turn the light off and keep your foot off the brake.”   Hearing the alert I relay, Y mutters from the driver’s seat: “Is there even a shoulder on this road?” Sweat beads on his hands that are tightly gripping the steering wheel.   We crawl onwards, turtle-like. Occasionally we catch a glimpse of something happening up ahead to the right.   A big, long truck has overturned. The driver and two people in uniforms who’ve come to his rescue are busying themselves at the back of the truck. When they see us pass by, they smile at us as if to say, Some weather we got today.   “I didn’t know that a truck that big could flip over,” Y says. “I thought this road was too narrow for that.”